For The Benefit of the
Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

The Play On Store offers logowear and music art items: all profits go to the MHOF

Play On is a grass-roots campaign to bring musical instruments into needy schools and communities throughout America. Closely aligned with The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (MHOF), Play On operates in the Cleveland, Ohio area through Skyline Music.

When horns, orchestral strings, or other instruments are donated to Play On, Skyline Music cleans and refurbishes them, issues an appraisal to the donor, and passes the instruments through The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to one of the schools or communities registered with the Foundation. The process is very lean: all labor, parts, collateral material and administration are donated by Skyline Music, Play On volunteers,
or one of our support companies within the music industry and the local community. If you donate an instrument, it goes directly to a school and a deserving player.

The Play On Instrument Drive
will run from February 2, 2008 to March 22, 2008.

Other Ways You Can Help:
You may not have an instrument to donate, and volunteering may not be for you, either. But you can still help get the word out! Tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Link to this site from your website or blog. Talk to the organizations you're a member of, from businesses and churches to the PTA and NHS. There are thousands of instruments lying unused in any major metro area--our task is to find the people willing to donate them, and they're usually not in band or orchestra anymore. Community awareness is the key: talk it up!
You can also go to the Play On Store (the "Wear The Message" button) for t-shirts and music art items. All profits go to the Foundation as well.

In our inaugural year, (2005-06) the main beneficiaries of the Play On Instrument Drive were victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the US Gulf Coast. The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation had been helping music education in the area’s disadvantaged schools long before the disasters, and continues to help the area rebuild. However, the Foundation also helps students in school systems throughout America, and the Play On Instrument Drive now funnels donated instruments to all their efforts.

Connecting with the kids:

We know where the instruments go. We know which school gets them. We hear from their band director. We get pictures of band kids with their instruments. When you donate an instrument to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation through Play On, you are directly helping a child.

Finally, a word about

Cash Donations:

The Play On Instrument Drive’s focus is bringing inactive instruments to students that would be unable to play without them.

For this reason, WE are not asking for cash donations. If you wish to contribute to the Drive and do not have an instrument to donate, we ask that you give any cash donations to

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation,

which uses the funds to procure instruments unlikely to be donated (such as tubas).

We will gratefully accept these donations on their behalf and forward them if you wish, but all checks should be made to the Foundation, and credit card payments should be initiated through their website (
Just tell them we sent you.

Play On Privacy Policy:
Any contact information collected is for the sole purpose of donation documentation. Skyline Music and Play On will only provide your information to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation so they may issue a donation confirmation. We will not sell or share your information with anyone else, nor will we use it for other purposes. If you wish to be on our mailing list or receive future information from Skyline Music, you must expressly place yourself on our mailing list. After the drive ends and all instruments are dispersed, your information will be deleted from the Play On database. For this reason, please retain your tax documentation, because we will not be able to reproduce it.

Please contact Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation at for their privacy policy.

Play On
Section Leaders

Daniel J. Vedda

Jill Cornell
Public Relations Coordinator

Peter O. Horn
String Instrument
Master Repairman

Shannon Williams
String Instrument Preparation

Christopher Burge
Wind Instrument Preparation

If you're not in Northeast Ohio and would like to help, we urge you to contact the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation directly. Click here or anywhere you see the MHOF logo.