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Some of the kids who have received

Play On-donated instruments

How We Determine an Appraised Value for Your Instrument:

For tax deduction purposes, all instruments
will be given an appraised value. We ty to be as consistent and accurate as possible within the following guidlines.

Instrument Condition:

All donated instruments are playtested, cleaned, and adjusted by Skyline Music. Orchestral strings are inspected and adjusted by violin craftsman and Master Restorer Peter O. Horn (who also donates his services). The instrument’s market value is considered when assessing repairs, and repairs that would cost more than 50% of the residual value of the instrument are not attempted. Instruments damaged in ways that might limit future playability in the field are also set aside, since repairs might not be available or affordable at the instrument’s new home. For the purpose of evaluation, repair assessment is based on playability and cleaning rather than cosmetics. Cosmetic repairs are done when practical so the instruments look as nice as possible for the recipients. Missing cases, or cases that are mildewed, with broken latches, handles, or hinges may also reduce the instrument valuation.

Vintage Instruments:

We make a distinction between old, obsolete, and collectible instruments.

An old instrument (especially those over 25 years old) may not have much playing life left even with refurbishing, but we make that call upon seeing it. Even an instrument too worn to repair may be useful for parts.

Obsolete instruments such as C melody saxophones or Albert System clarinets will not be useful to today’s young players. If such instruments are donated, they will be assigned a value based on playability and condition and offered for sale through the store or on ebay, with all proceeds beyond listing fees and ebay commission going directly to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Collectible or high value instruments (e.g., historical violins) of any type, if donated, will either be auctioned through ebay or passed to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation's Soloist Program, which awards such instruments to nominated "high achiever" players at the target schools. All proceeds after commissions go to the Foundation's instrument fund.


Any donated instruments determined to be of high value (over $1000) will have a qualified written appraisal provided for tax purposes. All other instruments are given a value based on either Blue Book value or a local market appraisal, whichever is more applicable. (Models out of production over ten years seldom list in Blue Book values). The instrument’s condition is factored into the value. Even though Skyline Music is donating all repairs and cleanup, regular price repair costs will be deducted from market value. (See “Instrument Condition”.) In some instances, an instrument too old or worn to repair economically will be designated as a “parts donation” and a flat value of $25.00 will be assigned. These instruments may be cannibalized to repair other horns or used as marketing displays to publicize the drive. Remaining unusable instruments will be scrapped after the drive is completed.

An Important Note about "Off Brand" Instruments

There are large numbers of substandard instruments in circulation today, with too many brand names to keep track of. In general, these instruments are unsuitable for young players even when new. Usually, anything from one of the brands represented in music stores is a reasonable candidate, but some of the instruments found at discount houses, online "stores" and auction sites may be suspect. Contact us if you're unsure. If we believe an instrument of this type won't hold up in the field, it will not be accepted for donation.
Also, it seems obvious, but we've learned we need to mention it: Please do not attempt to donate an instrument you got "burned" on. We want these kids to have the best chance possible to play!

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If you're not in Northeast Ohio and would like to help, we urge you to contact the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation directly. Click here or anywhere you see the MHOF logo.