For The Benefit of the
Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

The Play On Store offers logowear and music art items: all profits go to the MHOF

What to donate:

See the box at right for a more complete list and special needs, but in general, band and orchestra instruments in new, good, or economically repairable condition are preferred. There is also limited need for drums, guitars, or other instruments.

How to donate:

Please bring instruments to Skyline Music any time during store hours. Skyline Music will issue a receipt for the instrument and we will contact you with an assessment and valuation as soon as it is inspected. At that time, we will contact you to confirm the donation. (Since there is a possibility you may unknowingly turn in an instrument more valuable than the donation you expect to make, we want you to make an informed choice.*) We pass your information to The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, who will issue a receipt for the appraised value. You must furnish us with your contact information to receive a valuation for tax purposes. However, you may donate anonymously if you wish.

Instruments needed:
Band and orchestra instruments in good playing or economically repairable condition are the best donations, although there is potential need for any instrument for parts to repair other donations. The "primary need" instruments are

Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone
Violin, Viola, Cello
Snare Drum
Bell Set (looks like a small xylophone)

These are the instruments most beginning band students play. As students advance to middle school, other instruments fill out the ensemble. The most common are:

piccolo, oboe, bassoon
tenor and baritone saxophone
alto and bass clarinet

French Horn
Baritone Horn, Euphonium, Tuba
Upright (string) bass
Marimba, vibes, xylophone, timpani

Some schools may have student guitar programs as well; there may be limited need for acoustic guitars . Some drum sets may also be acceptable, depending on condition and quality (these are not as easily repaired or refurbished as band instruments).

At this time, it is impractical to accept donations on:
Pianos, electronic keyboards, recorders, sheet music, amplifiers, speaker cabinets, accordions, or ethnic instruments. There may be some instruments that we can sell fin the store or on ebay so that the proceeds go to the Foundation. Contact us to see if your instrument might qualify.

Where to donate:

Skyline Music, 27010 Center Ridge Rd. in Westlake is the primary drop off point for instruments. (See contact sidebar for store hours.) If it is inconvenient to come to a drop
off point, contact Skyline Music and a staff member will pick up the instrument.

*If you decide not to donate a high value instrument, you will need to pay a nominal fee
if you wish to obtain a written appraisal for insurance purposes. (There is no fee if the instrument is donated.)

Cash Donations:

The Play On Instrument Drive’s focus is bringing inactive instruments to students that would be unable to play without them.

For this reason, we are not asking for cash donations. If you wish to contribute to the Drive and do not have an instrument to donate, we ask that you give any cash donations to

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation,

which uses the funds to procure instruments unlikely to be donated (such as tubas).

We will gratefully accept these donations on their behalf and forward them if you wish, but all checks should be made to the Foundation, and credit card payments should be initiated through their website (
Just tell them we sent you.

Contact Skyline Music for more information:

27010 Center Ridge Rd. Westlake, OH 44145
Store Hours:
M-Th 10-9; Fri 10-6;
Sat 9-5

Click here to go to the Skyline Music website contact page, where you will find detailed directions, links to maps, fax numbers, and email addresses.

If you're not in Northeast Ohio and would like to help, we urge you to contact the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation directly. Click here or anywhere you see the MHOF logo.